What are you doing to be more successful?

Questions to ask yourself
You deserve success, what do you want in life?
What steps have you taken to achieve you desires?
Do you remind yourself everyday about what you
want to achieve?
Have you written down your desire?
Do you read it everyday, and have a
picture in your mind of what your
life will look like after you have achieved
your desire?
Are you prepared to keep trying till you
achieve your desire?
Do you have faith that you can achieve it?
If you have answered yes to all the questions
you are on the right track to achieving the
life you desire.

Knowing what you want
It is very important to know what you want,
Success always start by having a clear picture
of what you really want. The clearer the picture
is the better your chances of achieving what
you really want. You need to know why you
want to achieve what you want. This will be
your driving force to push you when you do
not feel like continuing. This is what will allow
you to keep trying no matter how many times
that you fail. Successful people learn from failure,
and will allow you to find success.

Take action
Why is it so important to take action? Action is the
key stone in the success of every person that has
found success, you will be a person who will take
action to work towards your success. Little actions
everyday builds habits, developing the habit of
taking action. By developing habits will shift your
paradigm. Action taking, it is essential to take action
everyday. Once a person has the power of intent backed
up by the habit of taking action, they are able to bring
aboyt change in their life.


Why would anyone pay £997 for a book?

A Question of Destiny


When I came across this book I said why should I pay £997 for just a book? Indeed there are things I would pay that amount of money for. For example a airplane flight to a location that would give a memorable experience, but not for a book. But the thought just kept coming back, is this destiny trying to answer questions that I have been asking all my life.

Could it be a chance in a Life time?

Indeed it was such a risk buying something that I could not afford, but my gut instinct just kept saying that I could lose the opportunity. I now have the opportunity to share this same book but it will only be for a very short period. The book will be available till mid night, then gone forever.


MGA Brown (c) 25 December 2013


Is It Good To Have A Positive Mind At All Times?

The Idea of the Positive Mind

Is it possible to have a positive mind at all times, and if it is how can you develop this kind of mind? Indeed what kind of mental training would be required, and are there other factors that would be necessary to ensure that you keep a positive outlook on an ongoing basis? Indeed the idea of having a positive mind at all times could be a useful attribute to develop, perhaps it may be ensuring that you are avoiding negative influences. Indeed the idea that by focusing your attention on positive things that you desire has been said to attract those things to you. And it has been suggested that the things that you think about with strong feelings is attracted to you, whether it is a bad or a good thing. So is there a case for working at developing a positive mind?

The Power of a Placebo

What is a placebo and how does it help a sick person to recover from an illness? The placebo is a tablet or a drug that does not have any effect on the body. Patients who receive a placebo believes that they are getting real drugs, and can make a good recovery because they believe that the drug is healing them. The truth is that the placebo does not have any effect on the patient, and it is the patients own belief that is actually helping them to recover. This shows that the things that we think can have a great effect on the things that happen in our life. This also can indicate why it is a useful idea to focus your attention on positive thoughts.

The Idea of Attraction

It has been said that there is a universal law called the “Law of Attraction”, this states that whatever you think about with strong feeling you tend to attract to you. indeed this gives rise to the idea that the mind is very powerful, and we may need to be careful about the things that we are thinking about. The suggestion is that your subconscious mind may be in-fact working to allow the things that you are thinking about with strong feeling to come into your life. So the idea of thinking about positive things could in-fact be a very important concept which can have a very important impact.


The things that you think may in-fact have an important effect on your life, this may be a negative or a positive effect, so the idea of consciously focusing on positive aspects and ideas may in-fact be worth considering and doing. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

MGA Brown (c) 12 January 2012

Is There Power In A Positive Thought?

Power In A Positive Thought

The idea of holding positive thoughts in the mind has been a consideration in allowing a person to live the life of their dreams. Indeed can having positive thoughts in your mind on an ongoing basis assist you in getting many benefits in life? The concept of positive thinking may in-fact hold some useful truth which could be worth you investigating. It has been said by some people, we should think on things that are pleasant, so is power found in thinking on positive thoughts and ideas?

The Idea that Doing Things in a Certain Way Brings Good Results

Can the way that you do things in your life bring good results, indeed the writer Wallace D Wattle infers that when people do things in a certain way they will tend to get similar results. In his book the Science of Getting Rich he explains that the way that you think will cause you to get certain results. He said that anyone can become rich once they do things in a certain way, and it does not matter how intelligent a person is they can still get rich once they do things in a certain way. So if this is the case what are the things that allows one person to prosper over another who has the same abilities and skills?

People Who have Seen the Power of Positive Thoughts

One of the greatest writers on personal development principles Napoleon Hill said “what ever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”, the idea of self belief is some thing that should not be overlooked in-order to a achieve things in life. One of the things that he also found was the importance of having a positive mental attitude, indeed it has been suggested that having a positive mind-set could be of great value. The Positive Mental Attitude is one of the things that has allowed people to find success in life, Hill studied a large number of successful people over a period of 20 years and found a number of things that they have in common. So we can see that once a person has a positive outlook on life, they could be on their way to getting much more out of life.


So You may find that there could be truth in the idea, that power might be found in the ability to focus on keeping your mind on positive thoughts. What do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

MGA Brown © 14 January 2012