Can I Turn Problems Into an Opportunity? Thoughts to Make You Think

When things go wrong this can often be a time of frustration and can lead to a person to feel disheartened, but what if it could be turned into a source of opportunity. If we look at businesses that seem to do well it is noticed that it is normally solving a problem. It seems that people will pay money to have their problems solved, so if a person found a problem that they were passionate about solving and found people who were prepared to paid to have that problem solved then they could earn money by solving those problems.

So have a think about problems that exist that people would pay you to solve, and write down all the problems on a list. Now write down the ones that you would enjoy doing, and give you the most satisfaction. Also right down the ones that would take the least effort, and also the ones that would take the least resources. Now go over your list and start making a plan of how you will provide this service. Now you have just started a process of turning problems into opportunities, and if you do this exercise each week, you will always be coming up with new opportunities.

The next stage is to discuss ideas with people who you trust and feel you could work with, and you could find that between the two of you will get more and better ideas and opportunities as two minds can be more effective than just one.

When people work together in complete harmony they tend to achieve a lot more in a shorter time.

So we could find a wealth of opportunities in solving problems. If you consider the business that tends to be successful, they tend to be providing solutions to people’s problems. The key is that people will pay to have their problems solved. But it is useful to find something that you are passionate about, and will enjoy doing. It has been said if you do the things that you are passionate about the money will follow. The mistake that many people make is to find a business that looks like it will make money but they do not enjoy doing that type of work. You can see how that can lead to frustration and could lead a person to lose joy in the work. So it is always best to do work that you are passionate about and that you enjoy doing.

Another key point is the idea of giving value to your client, this mindset is so important and it can make the difference between a successful business and a failing business. People can normally sense when someone is not being sincere so it is best to aim to give clients genuine value. Many people have talked about the need to give true value. Jay Abraham who is a marketing expert, says it is of the greatest importance to ensure that clients receive value. He knows what he is talking about he has made around 7 billion dollars for his clients.

So start turning problems into opportunities, and live the life that you dream of.

MGA Brown (c) March 2011