You Are the Writer of a Best Seller!

Richard Branson’s Power Key

Today you could be the writer of a best-selling book, but one of the problems you face is how do I get started. This is the same challenge I faced when I started to write books. Indeed I was not very good at English at school and being dyslexic was one of my greatest challenges. That was one of the problems that gave me the greatest problem during my schooling. But did you know that Richard Branson suffers from dyslexia but currently he lives on his own island. And you know that Richard Branson is one of the most successful business persons often spoken about. Indeed it could be suggested that he has mentors and coaches who assist him is creating such great success. So it could be the case that there are many challenges that are stopping you from writing your first book. Indeed I went to the same secondary school that Lord Alan Sugar attended, but it did not stop him from becoming a very successful businessman.

Not Having a Mentor

One of the key things that could be preventing you from writing your book is the lack of a good mentor. Indeed if you look at most people who have become successful you will notice that they may have a mentor or a coach. The great thing about having a mentor is you will have a person on your side who has achieved the thing that you desire to achieve. Indeed you could say that the fastest way to achieve your goals is to learn directly from someone who has already achieved those goals. Why waste valuable years of your life, when you could achieve the same results in just a few days with the right help.

Is the Challenge Money?

Money is often one of the greatest challenges that stops many people from achieving the success that they want in life. You could say that it is OK for you, but I can not pay for a coach or a mentor. But I am sure you realise that “where there is a will there is a way”. One of the greatest things about us humans is that we are mighty creators. Yes we have the power to create solutions to any kind of problem. The fact is that when you think out of the box, you are able to find solutions to the things that you considered the greatest problems. But you are one of the greatest problem solvers. You have been solving problems from the day that you were born. In-fact your powerful mind, and subconscious mind is able to give you solutions to some of the greatest problems in your life.

The Power of a Burning Desire

One of the things that has been discovered, that can allow you to find the success, that you want is having a burning desire. Napoleon Hill found in his study of 500 self-made millionaires over a period of 20 years, that success starts with a burning passionate desire. Indeed the way that you think will affect whether you find success in life. So by thinking in the same way that successful people think will allow you to get better results. So if you want to finally start writing the book that you have within you, this could be the day that will change your life. Your desire to write could be the flame that will start the fire of your book to burn. So make the first step and write the book that you have known that you have always had inside you.

MGA Brown (c) February 2015

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Things to Do When You’re Feeling Bored

The power of activity

Your time is your greatest asset, and it is important that you should use the precious asset well. The fact is time can never come back and once it has gone you can never recall it. This could be the reason why you should avoid the feeling of boredom at all cost. There will be times when you can control the situation when the boredom occurs, and finding useful work to do in most instances might be the most effective way to cure boredom. In fact boredom may be said to occur from lack of stimulation, and could stem from lack of interesting work. So it would be useful to transmute the energy into positive energy doing interesting work activities. You could also try imagining the current boring task is a part of a more worthwhile activity. The mind is very powerful, and perhaps you will be able to generate positive feelings that will transmute the boredom in to joy.

Could Laziness Be an Important Issue?

Boredom could be said to turn up when you do not have interesting activities to participate in. Indeed the cure for boredom could be solved by a number of options. This could be said to be stimulation or work. Generally a person may confess to be in a state of boredom when they are in the absence of an exciting activity. But it has been said that anyone who claims to be in a state of boredom may actually need to be working. It has been suggested that people who might claim to be bored may in-fact be thought to be lazy, and the cure again is work. You could say that the human body was made to work and hence a person who is not able to work might be in danger of being drawn into boredom.

Is hard work the cure to boredom?

If you consider that a person who is extremely busy with a lot of work may not get time to be bored. So the idea of activity such as work might be the ideal cure to boredom. But equally a person who is doing work that is not stimulating may also confess to being bored, so in this case it could be due to the need to have more stimulating work.

Could Boredom be link to the way a person thinks?

It has been found that people who become successful in life tend to do things in a certain way; various researches have identified that people who tend to find success in life act and do things in similar ways. There is a book called “Law of Success” it found that successful people did certain things for example, having a definite aim and a passionate desire. It showed that successful people tended to be focused and able to concentrate efforts on one thing at a time. So it could be suggested that people who tend to suffer from boredom may also have certain character traits, so if this is the case it may be possible to identify people who might be affected by the problem of boredom before they become affected by the condition.

MGA Brown © 2013

The Clear Need for Thoughts of Gratitude

Things that bring you clear benefits could be
thought of as things that you might need to look
into sooner than later. The importance of
exercising gratitude on a regular basis might be
said to be one of the things that provide you with
a rich and rewarding life. Showing gratitude for
acts of kindness and good works could prove to be
one of the most valuable gifts that you could find
that you are able to give to another person. So
how important is it to have thoughts of gratitude,
and is there real tangible benefits of having
constant thoughts of gratitude in your mind.

The Power of Thoughts
The power in a thought may often times be
overlooked, indeed you could find that you are
affected by thoughts that you have everyday. It
has been suggested that thoughts of stress can
often be the cause of many illnesses, and so the
thoughts that you think on a regular basis could infact
have a serious impact on your well-being.
There is a principle that says that in-order to get
rid of a negative trait you would need to focus on
the positive trait that you desire to have. If this is
the case then to get rid of things like stress you will
need to focus on positive qualities. So focusing on
a positive quality such as gratitude could be a step
in the right direction.

The Power in a Word of Thanks
Being able to think of things to be grateful for on
an ongoing basis could prove to be something that
allows healthier results to develop in your life.

MGA Brown (c) 3rd January 2014

Gratitude – Is the scenic route an option?

Gratitude, A Journey To Perfect Balance

Is having balance an important trait to have in your life? This is a question that could be worth asking yourself. The idea of balance could be one of the more important concepts that you come across. Indeed the idea of balance is seen in many aspects of life. Balance could be one of the most important things that could add the greatest value to your life. So let us look at the idea of perfect balance and gratitude, and if gratitude can lead to a life of perfect balance.

Life As A Journey
It has been said that life is a journey and not a destination, what does this mean and what is the benefits of understanding this concept. Many people seem to be always looking at life in terms of reaching a destination, but could it be more worthwhile taking your time and enjoying the journey? This could be looked on as the difference between taking a quick route and taking a scenic route. A quick route will get you to your destination quicker, however a scenic route could prove to be more enjoyable and satisfying. The point here is that the way that you look at life could have a very phenomenal impact on the value you gain from life.

The Importance of Real Balance
The need for balance in life should not be underestimated. If you look at the idea of a wheel on a car, you note that if a wheel has not been balanced you could find that the Tyre would tend to wear out quicker. However if the Tyre has been correctly balanced you could find that the Tyre has a much more extended life period. So applying a similar idea to life, you could see that balance could be found to be essential to having and living a live that brings greater joy and many other benefits.

Gratitude a Fuel for your Journey
One of the essential articles that you could find that you need in the journey of life you may find is developing the habit of showing real gratitude for the things that you have in life. Often it could be found that many important things are taken for granted. This could prove to be very dangerous, as things taken for granted could be lost forever if they are not properly looked after. This could prove very sad, because with a little thought, and gratitude you could begin to value the things that you currently take for granted. By encouraging the attitude of gratitude you could find that your life becomes much more rewarding. Because having a change outlook on life could be a transformational change in your life.

Journey to Gratitude
You may find that the journey to living a life of gratitude might prove to be one of the more rewarding things that you might discover in your life. Indeed, by mastering the ability to live a life of gratitude may be found to help you in many aspects of your life. Gratitude could be the key that allows you to find new joy in all the things currently in and around your life. You may in-fact find that things that you may have taken for granted might in-fact be new treasures and sources of pure joy.

MGA Brown (c) 11 November 2013