Your Book Will Change The World

A Book in Months

The book that will change the world is sitting within you. You have had the title for a while. You have had the inspiration, but what is stopping you. It has been said by a successful author Gerry Roberts that people are stopped by the thought that they have to write a book that has never been written. But do you know that with your unique experiences you have a book inside you that is needed by many people in the world. Indeed every day that you fail to work on that book, there are many people missing out on the advice that your book can give them. You owe it to the world to get your book completed. The incredible thing is that with just a little help and advice, your book could start moving at a tremendous rate. I faced the same problem, but now I am able to write a new book in months.

Your Gut Instinct

It has been said when the student is ready the master will appear. If you consider the idea of the Law of Attraction, you note that you attract the things that you require in your life by virtue of the thoughts that you think, and the associated feelings that you have. Indeed you attracted this article to you. You were looking for the things that would finally allow you to get your book from inside you into a published book. I had the same problem now I have a number of books completed and many more titles are coming every day. But what can switch on the tap that allows you to start writing and continuing till you have completed your book. The answer is a clear system or road map. By carefully planning the route that you book will take, you are in a position to quickly, easily and effortlessly complete your book. The idea of a plan has been seen in many areas of life. An architect will draw the plans for a building which will bring that building amazingly to life.

You Are A Creator

Let your Book come to life, and let your desires form ideas, and let those ideas form plans, and let those plans translate into actions, and your actions will give birth to your book.


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The Power in Writing a Book

It is time to write your book

It is time to write your book

The best time to start writing your book is now, the longer you leave it the more chance it will not happen. But the greatest way to start is to attend a great course, the best course I have found to date is the Gerry Robert Course.

Learning from a man who has not only written a book and become rich, but has the talent to teach this to others. The best way to gain a new skill is by learning from someone who has walked the walk, and talked the talk. This is why if you want to be the best at writing your book you need to go to the best. So if you want to really write your book you need to check out Gerry Robert

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The Daddy of Personal Development

Napoleon Hill could be said to be the father of personal development

From Law of Success

Some thirty years ago a young clergyman by the
name of Gunsaulus announced in the newspapers of
Chicago that he would preach a sermon the
following Sunday morning entitled:
The announcement caught the eye of Philip D.
Armour, the wealthy packing-house king, who
decided to hear the sermon.
In his sermon Dr. Gunsaulus pictured a great
school of technology where young men and young
women could be taught how to succeed in life by
developing the ability to THINK in practical rather
than in theoretical terms; where they would be
taught to “learn by doing.” “If I had a million
dollars,” said the young preacher, “I would start
such a school.”
After the sermon was over Mr. Armour walked
down the aisle to the pulpit, introduced himself, and
said, “Young man, I believe you could do all you
said you could, and if you will come down to my
office tomorrow morning I will give you the million
dollars you need.”
There is always plenty of capital for those who
can create practical plans for using it.
That was the beginning of the Armour Institute of
Technology, one of the very practical schools of the
country. The school was born in the “imagination”
of a young man who never would have been heard of
outside of the community in which he preached had
it not been for the “imagination,” plus the capital, of
Philip D. Armour.

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Law of Success – by Napoleon Hill

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The Strength and Power in Right Thinking

The idea of right thinking could be one of the more important things you could seek to do during your life. Indeed thinking right thoughts may be one of the things that can offer you the very best out of life. The way that you view a situation could be the difference between finding a huge problem or a massive opportunity. So the importance of thinking in right ways could allow you to get the greatest benefit from your life.

The Power in Correct Thought

If you look at processes in life you will find a variety of ways to achieve the process. Some of these ways will be good some bad, but there will be some which are outstanding. Indeed finding the best way may take a great deal of time and effort, but in order to get the best you have to invest time and effort. Great things can take great effort to achieve so if you truly want to achieve great things you may have to change the way that you look at things. By taking on new approaches you could find that you develop new and better ways of achieving things. So by having different and better thoughts could be the first steps in allowing you to find bigger and better opportunities.

The Power of Choice

You have the power to make choices, indeed you are the one who makes decisions in your life. By learning to make better choices you will get better outcomes. The idea of testing is something that could assist you in the process of making better choices. But the main thought is that the more you practice making choices the better you will get. It was found in a study of 500 self-made millionaires that the habit of making quick decisions contributed to their success. Successful people tend to make quicker decisions and also tend to stick to those decisions. So by practicing the habit of making quicker decisions you could find that you may develop greater benefits in your life. Indeed you are the person in charge of your thoughts, hence you are the person in charge of your life.

Making Different Choices for Different Results

It has been said that you can not get different results by taking the same actions. So it would seem lightly that for you to get better results in your life, you will need to change some of the things that you are currently doing. This also could suggest that you will need to first think different thoughts, and try different ideas. So it could be the case that if you think in different ways, you could find that you are on the road to better new results. But the good news is that it is within your power to think different thoughts which can lead to new actions, and new results.

Develop Right Thoughts

So by consciously making an effort everyday to think right thoughts, could be just the thing that you need to lead you to right thinking. Indeed the whole idea of developing right thoughts would indicate that you will need to do work to achieve this. However after you have regularly put in this work you could eventually find that you will reap the rewards of your work and efforts.

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.