Live each Day as the Best Day of your Life

Published on 27 May 2015

Live each Day as the Best Day of your Life

Your Best Day

Live each day as the best day of your life. One of the things that I find that every person on this planet has in common, is facing challenges. Some challenges seem to knock the wind out of you, but an important thought is the way that you react to the challenges is of great importance. Everything is based on choice, the way that you react to a situation will have an important impact on the results that you get. So it is crucial that you develop your ability to make better choices. So if you choose that this coming day will be your best day, what are the decisions that you need to make to achieve this desire

Getting things in Order

The need to get things in order could be taking the steps to heal any hurt that you may have caused. In life there are times when you do things that could cause harm to another person. It could be important to heal that hurt. Imagine this idea, imagine that you are actually living the life of everyone that you meet, but you have been deliberately prevented from being aware of this. If this is true then the way that you act to another person you would actually be acting towards yourself. So if that is the case then you may find it is very important to treat everyone extremely well. If everyone on this planet was to live as though they were also living the lives of everyone else just imagine the profound change that would occur all around the world in a very short time.

Time is an Important Key

The speed that you take the action to heal the hurt could be of great importance. Indeed time is something that is a critical factor in a number of situations. For example there are key times in the year when a farmer should plant seed, and there are key times when the crop should be harvested. By reacting at the correct time you could find greater success. In this day and age everyone is just a message, text or phone call away. So you can respond in a very quick time frame. So take action now, and follow your gut feeling and heal any hurt that you may have caused. Be the change that you want to see in the world.So take the lead in your life and make a transformational change in your life today.

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MGA Brown Author of “The Power of Positive Choice”



Armageddon – Why Civilizations Rise and Fall – End of 21st Century

Armageddon – Why Civilizations Rise and Fall – End of 21st Century
May 17, 2015

1.The Beginning of the End – The Armageddon spoken of in books like the bible may already be happening in the spiritual realm. There is a Principle called “Cause and Effect” which means the things that a person or people do will cause them to inherit the effects at a later date. For example if you look back in history, you will note that civilizations rise to prominence for a time then would fall into decline. This is the effect of the Principle of Rhythm, just as the tide of the sea will rise up and then fall down. Indeed there is evidence that the advance Ancient Civilization of Atlantis under went the same experience some 20,000 years ago. And the effects of their poor decisions caused the land of Atlantis to sink into the sea.

2. Why You Must Change Your Actions Now – If you look at all great civilizations in history you will notice two main events. i.e. Rise and Fall, This is based on the principles of rhythm, for example night follows day, followed by night again. In the same way it could be said that universes might be created and then disappear may be over millions and millions of years. For example in the USA you could note that in some states they have been building more prisons than they are building universities. This awful trend has to stop, our Pink brothers in the USA could be said to be creating poor Karma for themselves. Indeed if you look at their treatment of their Red and Brown brothers you will notice they have been planting some poor “causes”, which will lead to poor “effects” at a later date. They need to heal the hurt they have cause to ensure that they will inherit better fruits in the future. The Red brothers were ousted from their land and their lively hood the buffalo’s were driven to extinction. Indeed the USA was built on the backs of the slavery of the Brown brothers. The sad thing is that these same Brown brothers are being used to fill the prisons of our Pink brothers in the USA. But it is not too late to bring about transformation, If the people of this planet were to raise it to a positive vibration things could change.

3. Raising The Earth to A Positive Vibration – Everyone on this planet has the power to bring positive change and transformation. Indeed you have the power within you to begin creating positive change from today. By focusing on your spiritual riches instead of material riches, you can create a powerful new world for your future generations. As a collective we can raise the vibration of the Planet to a higher vibration. By meditating, praying and thinking about “Peace” we can start to reverse the spiritual damage which has been committed. So I am asking you to start to make a positive transformation in the world, by transforming yourself for the benefit of the planet Earth.

MGA Brown (c) May 2015

MGA Brown is an Author and the writer of “The Power of Positive Choice”

MGA Brown


Know Your Business 3 Keys to a Right Foundation

1. Truth

One of the most important and essential things that you need in business and in life is the power of truth. Any thing built on the foundation of truth has the ability to stand. It gives a sure firm and solid foundation. Why do so many new businesses fail in the first 5 years? Could it be partly due to a poor foundation.
2. Integrity

The importance of having integrity is something that should not be overlooked. Being able to stand by your word, could be one of the things that can allow your business to stand solidly. Doing things in the right way for the right reasons could be the most important thing that you deal with in your business.

3. Right Thinking

Right thinking is one of those things which could make the difference between a good start and a false start. A well thought out plan, followed by a good set of actions could be something that is desired. But the ability to consistently think in right ways could take time effort and practice. But in order to get good out comes you need to put good inputs.

A Solid Foundation

So to build a good foundation requires a number of important ingredients, these include but are not limited to, truth, integrity and right thinking. For a business to truly stand during the early year you must have a very good foundation.

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MGA Brown is an author and an Independent Representative for ACN. ACN supply essential everyday products at good prices. The Company is endorsed by Donald Trump who is a renowned business person. So you know successful people only associate with things that can produce success. To find out more how ACN can help you go to http://www,

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Life – a Time to Learn Lessons – Part 1


Imagine you had the ability to choose your life before you were born, this could be like going to a shop and choosing the things you wanted to experience. You could choose your race, your colour, the family that you were to grow up in. You could even choose  if you were going to be poor or rich. Then you go to the check out and pay for those experiences. The next part of the procedure could be to allow you to completely forget who you really are. As a part of this preparation your memory is completely wiped and you are made into a small embryo.

Then the big day happens, you begin living in your new home, the body of your mother. You see and hear sounds around you which you do not understand, however you are happy in your new environment. But one day it feels as if your comfortable environment is coming to an end, you feel as through you are being forced out of this safe environment, of your mothers body. Then in an instant you are surrounded by these large creatures in gowns and one of them slaps you and you feel pain and begin to cry. Welcome to the planet earth.  The roller coaster of life has began, the fair ride of life has started and you are now entering the world of “Cause and Effect”, unknown to you every thing that you do will have an effect on the things that happen in your life. (The Rest is Your Story)

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MGA Brown Author of “The Power of Positive Choice”


Be Faithful – You Are a Winner


Please listen to me carefully, you have worked hard to achieve your goals, there have been times when you did not get the reward you dreamed of. But I have good news, please be faithful to your dream, put in all the effort that you can. You have always been a winner, just continue to learn and improve yourself. The prize is learning from the challenges that you face.

Life has a funny way to present things, if I were to tell you I was going to give you a wonderful opportunity, you might say I accept it. However if I presented the same opportunity as problems and tribulations, you would probably say no thanks. How ever the thing I was giving you was the same, but I called it different names. So from today enjoy your life, and turn every challenge in to an opportunity.


Wishing you the Very best in life
Author of “The Power of Positive Choice”

2 Important Points – Sow Good Seeds in Business 


1. Be Consistent

Developing the habit of being consistent could be one of the more important things that you develop. It is however not a good idea to be consistently bad at what you are doing. But to be consistent at making improvements could be the step in the right direction that will create a mind set of success and positive vibrations in your environment. You have the power to be the light in the area where you work, it depends on you deciding you are going to be the change that you want to see around you.

2. Have Higher Thoughts

Thoughts that you have could be thought of as a seed, they could also be said to be vibrations. So if you are having good thoughts you could be said to be having good vibrations. Indeed based on the idea of resonance, you could be attracting the things that you are in vibration with. If this is the case then it might be imperative that you raise your vibration by making it a habit of sending out positive vibrations.  So consciously sow positive thoughts to allow you to reap large harvest of positive events in your surroundings.

MGA Brown (c) June MMXV


MGA Brown is the Author of “The Power of Positive Choice

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Right Living – The Choice is Yours

The Power of a Choice 

It could be said you have the power of choice. Indeed there are a great number of things that you have the power of choice over. There are also a number of things that you do not have the power to choose. Many of the problems that face you on a daily basis could in fact be things that you did not choose, however you may well have the ability to choose how you respond to those problems. The way how you respond could lead to positive effects or negative effects. But the fact is you are the person who will decide.

The Importance  of Principles

If you look at the universe, at nature, at the things around you, you will notice that there are definite laws and principles in action. the fact is everything in the universe, is governed by definite laws and principles. You will notice that night follows day, and day follows night. If you look at the seasons, winter is followed by spring, and spring by summer and summer by autumn, and autumn by winter. There are definite principles, and the people who work in line with these principles, tend to achieve much more, for example. A person would not sow seeds in the winter time, but they would sow seeds in the correct time. And a person would not expect to reap harvest in the winter time. There is a definite time for sowing and there is a definite time for reaping. And if you consider your own life, there are definite times and principles within your life. If you do things at the right time, you will get better results.  If you do things out of alignment you will get poor results.

So it is acting in line with principles and laws, and it could be said that people who tend to be prospering and doing well may be simply working in line with the principles. They are doing things at the right time in the right way, according to principles. There was an interesting research done by Napoleon Hill, he studied 500 self-made millionaires over a period of 20 years. And there was a very important observation which he made. He observed that people who tended to become successful, they all did certain things whether knowingly or unknowingly. He noted things like having a definite clear desire was one of the keys, to finding success. He found other things like people who tended to be successful, they were able to make quick decisions. And when they made those decisions they tended to stick to those decisions. He found that people who tended to not be successful, they found it difficult to make decisions, and they changed their minds quite rapidly.

So there are definite principles to finding success,  for getting more out of life. So one of the things I would want to suggest is that, learn the principles, that is important. Then once you have learned the principles then work with the principles. Work in line with those principles. And as you learn and work in line, you will begin to find, that you are able to live a more better and more enjoyable life. And you will get much more out of life. ,

MGA Brown (c) June 2015