Create a Better Business

Create a Better World
You, me and everyone has the power to create a better world. 

But you ask the question how? It is not by buying my latest course or program, in-fact it is by using something you were born with and have always had. You were born with something that is one of the greatest powers within the universe. Indeed you have always been in a position to doing unimaginable things. But before I tell you what this thing is I want you to consider a few ideas.

The Centre of Your World 

Have you ever considered that you are the centre of your world? The world is happening around you. The fact is you could say that you are unique, and there is no other person like you. But why is this? Have you ever looked at why this is?  Could it be a fact that you have more power than you think? Everyday you have to make choices and decisions, indeed there are many things around you to tempt you and distract you from achieving your goals.  But have you considered what is your true and real purpose for your life?  If you consider that when you overcome the tempting things that are distracting you from achieving your goals, you are becoming a mentally stronger person. The ability to grow in mental strength is one of the unseen rewards that you are gaining from overcoming those things that tempt you.

The Development of Your Mind 

Indeed one of the greatest things that you could gain during your life is the development of your mind. Let’s get one thing straight, death is not the end, if you do your research you will be attracted to the facts that can prove this. If this is the case then you might just be on this planet at this time to develop yourself, also to experience things and to grow. Who knows you may be here in this school called life, to learn the skills to be a creator and administrator of universes in a distant time in the future. So here is a question, Do you have the power within you to make this world a better place?

Taking Time To develop Your Mind 

During the hustle and bustle of life, you could find that you are caught up in the need to get money to pay the bills, but do you ever consciously take time out to develop YOU!  The fact is you have the same amount of time during the day as everyone else, but it is your choices and decisions that will determine what happens in your life. But could consciousness allow you to perceive things more accurately and get more consistent results?

Humm the idea of Consciousness 

Can a critical mass of people focusing on a picture in their mind of a better world, create a better world, well you bet. That could have always been the case, in-fact by watching negative things on your TV, could in-fact be what is creating more of the negative world that we currently see, so it may be time to wake up to the fact that you are the one creating this world. If that is the case we all can change this world by thinking, meditating, praying and focusing our thoughts on the world that we want to see.

MGA Brown (c) July 2015


MGA Brown is an author and the writer of a number of books including “The Power of Positive Choice”,  He is living proof that a difficult start in life, can not prevent you from becoming an author or any thing you aspire to be.