Great Business Event – Publish a Book and Get Rich

This Week end has been a very rewarding weekend, I attended the three day event Publish a Book and Get Rich. This event was led by Gerry Robert and his excellent team. The three days allowed me to gain an effective method of writing a book in 40 hours. The fact is I have written a number of books but this has been a great eye opener. This course is designed with the small business owner in mind, and shows you how to effectively write a book that can add value to the people you come into contact with. The location was at the beautiful Radisson Hotel, the team of Gerry Robert were professional, friendly, helpful and made the 3 day event truly memorable. This is one of the events I would attend again.

Day One

Plan it – This is something that is overlooked when writing a book, indeed it was nice for me to be reminded of the importance of good planning before writing the book. Indeed Gerry explained the key reasons why I needed to plan effectively before starting the book.  But the way that he explained finding your primary Objective was mind blowing, you had to be at the event to really appreciate this.

Day Two

Gerry has a system for writing a book that even a person who has never written will be able to easily follow. There is no excuse for not being able to write your book. In fact by the end of the day I had my title and book outline completed, Gerry is able to bring out the best in anyone. But I could not do justice explaining his methods hear, it is something that you need to experience for yourself. In-fact I was so impressed that I upgraded to VIP, the course is truly a once in a life time experience.

Day three

This day was the icing on the cake , The fact is this course has covered everything from planning, Writing, publishing, and moving your book. This course is the Rolls Royce of book writing, if you want to learn from the best you would find that working with Gerry Robert.

MGA Brown (c) October 2015