You Are the Writer of a Best Seller!

Today you could be the writer of a best-selling book, but one of the problems you face is how to get started. This is the same challenge I faced when I started to write books. Indeed I was not very good at English at school and being dyslexic was one of my greatest challenges. That was one of the problems that gave me the greatest problem during my schooling. But did you know that Richard Branson suffers from dyslexia but currently he lives on his own island? And you know that Richard Branson is one of the most successful business persons often spoken about. Indeed it could be suggested that he has mentors and coaches who assist him is creating such great success. So it could be the case that there are many challenges that are stopping you from writing your first book. Indeed I went to the same secondary school that Lord Alan Sugar attended, but it did not stop him from becoming a very successful businessman.

Not Having a Mentor

One of the key things that could be preventing you from writing your book is the lack of a good mentor. Indeed if you look at most people who have become successful you will notice that they may have a mentor or a coach. The great thing about having a mentor is you will have a person on your side who has achieved the thing that you desire to achieve. Indeed you could say that the fastest way to achieve your goals is to learn directly from someone who has already achieved those goals. Why waste valuable years of your life, when you could achieve the same results in just a few days with the right help.

Is the Challenge Money?

Money is often one of the greatest challenges that stops many people from achieving the success that they want in life. You could say that it is OK for you, but I can not pay for a coach or a mentor. But I am sure you realise that “where there is a will there is a way”. One of the greatest things about us humans is that we are mighty creators. Yes we have the power to create solutions to any kind of problem. The fact is that when you think out of the box, you are able to find solutions to the things that you considered the greatest problems. But you are one of the greatest problem solvers. You have been solving problems from the day that you were born. In-fact your powerful mind, and subconscious mind is able to give you solutions to some of the greatest problems in your life.

The Power of a Burning Desire

One of the things that has been discovered, that can allow you to find the success, that you want is having a burning desire. Napoleon Hill found in his study of 500 self-made millionaires over a period of 20 years, that success starts with a burning passionate desire. Indeed the way that you think will affect whether you find success in life. So by thinking in the same way that successful people think will allow you to get better results. So if you want to finally start writing the book that you have within you, this could be the day that will change your life. Your desire to write could be the flame that will start the fire of your book to burn. So make the first step and write the book that you have known that you have always had inside you.

MGA Brown (c) February 2015

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You May Have More Than You Think – Understanding Gratitude

I Proved the Teachers Wrong

One of the things I found during my life is that challenges have been things that have driven me to achieve greater success. I was someone who was told at school that I would not achieve much, but I did not listen to the poor advice of those negative teachers and went on to be the author of many books. The fact is I did not even do well in my English examinations, however I proved that the mind is more powerful than we think. For someone who was told that he would not pass any exams at secondary school, I have proved that a burning passionate desire can be more effective than some of the things taught in school. Indeed Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich confirms this. He discovered that all the people who had gone on to be millionaires and successful in life, had a burning passionate desire to achieve their desires.

The Power of Your Mind

One of the greatest gifts that you received at birth was the power to think and use your own mind. This gift can be easily taken for granted, and you could end up losing the real benefits. Indeed your capacity to think could be said to be one of the greatest things that you have access to. The ability to create with your thought could be said to be so important that it could be over looked. The power to think, organised thought could be a skill that is worth the effort of mastering. There are many great inventors who have created many incredible things because they have learnt to master the control of their thoughts. So something as simple as thinking could be the greatest thing that you should be grateful for.

Searching For Your Gifts

Searching for good things could be said to take a great deal of time and effort, indeed some of the greatest things in life might be said to require the most effort and time. It could be said that the inner world of your mind may hold some of the greatest treasures, which are worth looking for. Many people may place emphasis on gaining material wealth during the course of their life, but could they be missing something that is very important. Could the greatest treasures you hold be found deep inside the reserves of your own mind?

The Search of the Inner World

The Inner world of your mind; may be the place where you might find many of the answers that you search for during your life. Your mind could in-fact hold many of the keys that you are looking for in the outside world. But the journey to tapping into this vast resource could take the greatest mental effort. It could be that most people may not be prepared to exercise the mental effort that is required to achieve the greatest heights of the mind. But like all things in life great things, and finding great things take consistent effort, and some of the best things in life take determination time and effort.

MGA Brown (c) October 2015

MGA Brown is the Author of “The Art of Gratitude”.

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