The Need Of Grateful Thinking

The Need for Grateful Thinking

Are there clear benefits that you can receive, when your thinking is focused in line with gratefulness. In a world where the emphasis, appears to be on getting more and more, It would appear that people seem to be attempting to horde more and more things, before they die and leave it all. It could be suggested that life might be somewhat meaningless, if this is the case. This leads to an interesting argument, are you on this planet to develop yourself, for a better existence? And are you some kind of being which is living in this human body. Could perhaps, development and growth, be the most important, things in life? But also, does the way you think, have a very powerful effect on your life. And could grateful thinking, be an important key to allow you to live, a more fulfilled existence.

Is Development one of the more importance aspects of life?

It has been said, that life is a journey and not just a destination. And it could be said that the development of the mind, might be one of the more important things that you can do during your life. If you look at civilization you can note that progress and improvement are key importance aspects. The need to make things better, and to understand the working of the universe, is a pursuit that has been followed over the centuries. So there seems a clear need for growth and development. This leads to the idea, that there could be even greater scope for development. So if development is something that we are striving to achieve, could the development of gratefulness be something that could be worth developing?

Are you a being that is having a human experience?

An interesting thought is are you a being having a human experience. If you look at the film “The Matrix” it shows a very cleaver idea. It suggest that the reality that you are living, could in fact be a type of computer generated life. This could lead to the suggestion that you are a being having a human experience. Another thought is that, you could be experiencing a computer generated experience, which you are allowed to choose outcomes. Your outcomes being the product of your free will. Now why do I say this? If you consider that we human have the ability to choose and make conscious decisions, leads to intriguing possibilities. So the idea of a type of computer generated life, which has numerous possible outcome which is depend on your free will, is quiet interesting.

Developing a Grateful Approach to life

It has been suggested that you create your life by virtue of the thoughts that you think on a continual basis. Thoughts that you are thinking could be said to have a direct effect on your physical life. So what affects do thoughts of gratefulness have on your life experience. It was suggested by teachers in a film called “The Secret” that the things that you focusing on with strong feelings is attracted to you by what is known as the “Law of Attraction”. It could be said that the thoughts that you think, have a direct impact, on you physical body. Thoughts of stress may be leading to illness and sickness. Indeed at time when you felt exhilarated, endorphins released to create the feeling of well-being, could in fact be related to the thoughts you are thinking.


The thoughts that you are thinking on a regular basis, could be found to have a powerful impact on your life. This leads to the idea of you being the creator of your life, by virtue of the thoughts that you are thinking and the associated feelings. If this is true, then having thoughts and associated feelings of gratefulness must have a positive effect on your life experience.

MGA Brown (c) 8 January 2014

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”. This article is from the new book “The Art of Gratitude”.

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Are You to Blame for the Successes in Your Life?

“Righteousness” is spelt the same way and “Sin” is spelt the same way
“Compromise” is spelt one way and “Holiness” is spelt one way.
“Self examination” is spelt the same way every time.

Does Right and a Little Wrong Equal Right?
Life might be a few moments or 100 or more years, but during that time you are the person who will need to examine yourself. If you accept a lie as the truth then you are responsible. If you accept the truth in your life then you will be rewarded. The gift of a clear conscience can not be brought or stolen. It has been said you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. The writer and the reader are subject to the same rules. You are the captain of your life, it is your choice if you choose to live your life with purpose.

If you get away with wrong all your life, it does not mean that wrong is right. The moment of the last breath will come to everyone on the planet, so the fact is Righteousness and a little wrong mixed together will not produce righteousness.

Who is Your Captain?
You are the captain of your mind, you have the power to have a clear conscience, by confessing the truth to yourself, will give you the power to have a clear conscience. Thoughts are things and wrong thought can lead to wrong actions. By the same rule good thoughts are able to lead to good actions. So you have an opportunity to persevere and fight to allow your thought to be good.

The Power of Accepting the Truth
Nothing good comes easy, good things can take time and effort. So in order to get good thoughts consistently you will need to work on your thoughts on a regular basis. It has been said that you should think on things that are lovely and pure; Indeed it could be said that you become the thing that you think about on a regular basis. So choose your thoughts wisely and surround yourself with the situations and the kind of people of whom you want to become.

In concluding, you are the captain of your life, meaning you are responsible for all the things that you do in your life. You can not blame anyone. Successful people have been found to take responsibility for everything that happens in their life. If things are not right in your life take responsibility, and make the changes that will lead to the improvements that you desire. The first step could be as simple as acknowledging the truth, this may not be pleasant or easy to confess to yourself, however by accepting the truth to yourself could be the powerful step that can lead to great changes in your life.

MGA Brown (c) February 2014

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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The Battle to Achieve Discipline, Can You Achieve It

To achieve discipline is one of the hardest battles you can and will face. The fact is to achieve discipline is not easy, If you fall down, the way you will succeed is by getting back up. It takes more than will power. The most successful people are the people who have fallen down the most, but have had fought to get back up each time. This battle can take a life time to achieve but it may be the best thing you can achieve. It is easy to speak words, but it is harder to live by your words. But to get up after a fall is the way you must walk if you are to achieve discipline. You will achieve success, but you have to keep getting up every time you fall.

The greatest battle you might face every day is the battle in your own mind. The toughest fights that you could have are the battles with the thoughts in your own head. To win can only take complete determination, more than just the will to succeed. The battle can be very complicated, and the task very sensitive, but to win, that is the road that you will need to travel. You have to continue to learn from your failures and learn all the lessons well. Only by looking carefully at your mistakes, and working out the corrections is how you will succeed. There is no easy formula, but you will succeed, you just have to keep trying, and keep modifying your plan each time you fail.

Look Inside for Your Source

Your source of strength might not come from outside of you, your strength might only come from within. Words spoken can effect you, so you have to learn to avoid being hit by damaging words and thoughts. You have to develop routines to help you to find the discipline that you need. You will find it, but you will need to search skilfully and carefully, and diligently. This is a battle that you fight in your mind daily, and you will fight it every day of your life. But you will win, keep seeing the picture of your success. Keep working within your mind, the battle is within you, within your own mind. But you will win, keep learning from your mistakes, keep getting up when you fall. You will become more and more skilful, you will learn from your mistakes.

The Lesson From Food

You can only become healthy by eating healthy food, Your mind can only become healthy by having healthy thoughts. You have to find out the food that makes you healthy, in the same way you have to find and develop the thoughts that keep your mind healthy. Life can be a series of test, so continue to learn from each test every day. Just keep learning and developing, you can only get to the light at the end of the tunnel if you keep walking. If you change your out look on a situation, then the situation might change, Discipline could be said to be a set of action steps so keep taking the actions that help you to develop your discipline.

M G A Brown (c) October 2014

MGA Brown is the Author of “The Art of Gratitude” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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3 Key Things You Can Do While Travelling

s it possible to make money in your spare time, what are the best ways to make money in the time which you would normally be wasting. Think about all that time that you spend waiting at a bus stop or a train station or indeed the time that you spend travelling. If you were to calculate all that time you could find that it is a considerable part of your life. The fact is if you were able to turn that time in to useful time, you could find that your life is richer and more valuable.

Taking back your time

Imagine, every morning you may spend 30 minutes waiting for a train or a bus, then you could spend from 45 minutes to an hour travelling on a bus or train. This could add up to 1 hour 30 minutes travelling to work, and the same amount when you travel home in the evening. Indeed you would see that you would have used 3 hours related to travel. Say if you were able to get 2 hours of that time back by earning an income while you are travelling, would that be good?

Indeed If you were able to do that you could add greater benefit to your life.

Your Time your only Real Resource

The only thing that you really have in this life might be said to be your time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, but there are people who achieve a lot more during that time. One of the worst things that you can do is use your time to do just a job. Indeed there are ways that you can leverage your time to yield much greater returns. Indeed the wise people normally have multiple streams of income. But developing the mind-set to develop multiple streams takes skill and study. You only get out what you put in, hence by investing time to learn how to develop multiple streams of income could be one of your greatest investments for your time.

So How Do I Get Started

The first step would be to clearly identify your main goals, next you may have to look at all your options. You will need to look at the various opportunities you have and then look at two things. The first thing is how much of your time will be required, and the second thing is how much income will it bring in for you. Doing this simple exercise could save you many years of wasted time and effort. Jay Abraham talks about getting maximum return for all your efforts, he has made 6 billion dollars for his clients.

So 3 key things you can do while travelling

1. Think about an objective, or a product or service to sell.
2. Think about a plan, and design a plan, with action steps.
3. Take action, i.e. make phone calls or send emails to prospective clients.

So is it time that you start getting maximum returns for all of your efforts, and claim back interest for your wasted time?

MGA Brown (c) 26 November 2014

MGA Brown is the author of “You Have Everything You Need Inside You – Have Faith and Take Action” and “The Power of Positive Choice”

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The Strength and Power in Right Thinking

The idea of right thinking could be one of the more important things you could seek to do during your life. Indeed thinking right thoughts may be one of the things that can offer you the very best out of life. The way that you view a situation could be the difference between finding a huge problem or a massive opportunity. So the importance of thinking in right ways could allow you to get the greatest benefit from your life.

The Power in Correct Thought

If you look at processes in life you will find a variety of ways to achieve the process. Some of these ways will be good some bad, but there will be some which are outstanding. Indeed finding the best way may take a great deal of time and effort, but in order to get the best you have to invest time and effort. Great things can take great effort to achieve so if you truly want to achieve great things you may have to change the way that you look at things. By taking on new approaches you could find that you develop new and better ways of achieving things. So by having different and better thoughts could be the first step in allowing you to find bigger and better opportunities.

The Power of Choice

You have the power to make choices, indeed you are the one who makes decisions in your life. By learning to make better choices you will get better outcomes. The idea of testing is something that could assist you in the process of making better choices. But the main thought is that the more you practice making choices the better you will get. It was found in a study of 500 self-made millionaires that the habit of making quick decisions contributed to their success. Successful people tend to make quicker decisions and also tend to stick to those decisions. So by practicing the habit of making quicker decisions you could find that you may develop greater benefits in your life. Indeed you are the person in charge of your thoughts, hence you are the person in charge of your life.

Making Different Choices for Different Results

It has been said that you can not get different results by taking the same actions. So it would seem lightly that for you to get better results in your life, you will need to change some of the things that you are currently doing. This also could suggest that you will need to first think different thoughts, and try different ideas. So it could be the case that if you think in different ways, you could find that you are on the road to better new results. But the good news is that it is within your power to think different thoughts which can lead to new actions, and new results.

Develop Right Thoughts

So by consciously making an effort everyday to think right thoughts, could be just the thing that you need to lead you to right thinking. Indeed the whole idea of developing right thoughts would indicate that you will need to do work to achieve this. However after you have regularly put in this work you could eventually find that you will reap the rewards of your work and efforts.

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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