The Need For More Real Gratitude

In this consumer society you could find that many of the important things could be getting overlooked in the need for more and more things to consume. Indeed the need to have a healthy mind and healthy body could be found to be of greater importance. So how can you ensure that you develop and maintain the best views and attitude to ensure that you have a healthy mind and body?

Could Gratitude Be a Key Factor

Character and other developed qualities are things that can take a long time to develop, and in this consumer driven society a person might be tempted to think that these qualities can be generated very quickly. But the fact is that some of the good qualities may take a great deal of time and effort to obtain. Indeed many of these qualities could be the things needed to ensure that you live a stable balanced life. The need to have gratitude could be said to be one of these qualities that could be found to offer real genuine value in the lives of people today. The need for real genuine gratitude could be one of the things that the mind may require in-order to gain a sense of real satisfaction. So could it be time that people begin to develop a real sense of gratitude in this present society.

The need for good mental food

In-order to maintain a good healthy mind and body, it could be said that you will need a number of key ingredients in-order to achieve this balance. It could be said in-order for you to have a healthy body you would need to have a healthy mind. The idea of having a sound mind and wholesome thoughts could be said to be a very important ingredient in maintaining a healthy functioning body. So it also could be suggested that being grateful for the good things that are in your life could be a very useful starting point. Indeed the idea of being grateful for positive things that have happened in your life may be something that allows you to generate healthy thoughts and this could be of benefit in developing a healthy body.

Positive Benefits

Are there positive benefits associated with having and developing a mindset of being more grateful? If you think about times when you have been thanked for good deeds that you have done you could find the experience had good feelings in your mind. You could also say that positive experience would have had beneficial effects for your body as well. So the idea of receiving appreciation and thanks may have giving you many powerful tangible benefits. This could lead to the idea that real positive experiences of gratitude may have substantial effects for you as a whole.

The Power in Genuine Gratitude

It could be said that we humans have the ability to sense when a person is giving true genuine words of appreciation, and when the words are false. It could be suggested that false words of appreciation may feel some what distasteful. And so the words given may say one thing, but the tone of voice, body language might be conveying a negative statement. Hence when giving gratitude, it could be said that you need to be truthful to yourself and the other person. So it may be important to consider the thoughts you have when speaking words of gratitude.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think.

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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”. This article is from the new book “The Art of Gratitude”.

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What Did You Do With Your Time?

What is the most useful thing that you can use your time for?

The clock is ticking, each moment of your time is precious. Every second of your time is valuable. If you had to record each moment of your day, how would you judge each moment. It could be said that you are the judge of your life, how would you evaluate the day which just ended. Was it a valuable day, if you looked back on your life, what would you say was your biggest achievement during the day. Did you feel that you achieved the things you set out to achieve at the beginning of the day?

What would you celebrate?

What were the things that you were extremely happy and joyous about? What were the most tangible things that you achieved? If you were a judge examining your day, do you feel proud of the things that you achieved during the day? Really think about it, what do you think that you could have done better. Were there things that you might have changed if you had a second chance to run the day again. It could be said the biggest judge is yourself, It could be said that you are the person within your mind. What thoughts do you think were beneficial, and what thoughts do you think were foolish?

Who is responsible for your life?

It has been said that people who tend to fail to achieve things in life do not take responsibility for everything in their life; may be it is the case that they look to blame systems, situations and other people for the things that are wrong in their life. But shouldn’t everyone take responsibility for their own life, and actions. Could it be said that people who take responsibility for everything in their life, have power over their life. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think and wonder. MGA Brown (c) 19 July 2013.

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”. This article is from the new book “The Art of Gratitude”.

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The Power of The Will

One of the greatest powers that you could master in life is the ability to control your “will”. The idea of mastering will and developing greater will-power could be one of the most useful things that you could develop in life. The ability to control things in your life by developing your will-power could allow you to gain many benefits in life. It could be said that many people fail to achieve their goals in life because of lack of will-power. But what other things are important as well in-order to achieve your goals.

The Power of Controlled Focus

Focus could be said to be one of the most important ingredients needed in-order to achieve your goals set in your life. The ability to focus your mind totally on a given task could in many instances mean the difference between success and failure. So developing good effective focus as well as strong will-power could be two of the ingredients that could assist you in achieving the target you have set for yourself.

The Lack of Will-Power leading to failure

One of the causes of failure in some areas of human endeavours could be said to be a lack of will-power. The in-ability to stick to targets that you have set could be due to a number of factors. Will-power could be an important factor why you might not stick to your objectives in achieving your goals. But also the ability to focus your mind on the one task that you currently are doing could also be an important factor. It could be said that anything worth having will take time and effort. So you could find that you will need to invest time and effort, but the important point is that you may find that the results that you get could make it worth the investment that you make. The idea that things that are worth having may not be necessarily easy to obtain, but it could be said, you only get out what you put in.

The Driving Reason

One of the things that could assist you in achieving the things that you desire could be said to be a compelling strong reason. By having a compelling strong, driving reason could give you the power to stick to growing your will-power in the task that you have taken on. If you have a very strong reason why you want to achieve your desire, then this can help you during those times that you are feeling to give up. By reminding yourself of your compelling reason could be enough to give you the power to stick to your objective. For example if your desire was to be determined to get very high marks in your examinations, you would need to invest the necessary time to study, and at times when you did not feel to study you could remind yourself of your driving compelling reason, and this reason could give you the encouragement to develop the will-power to allow you to succeed.


So the power of your will could be something that may in-fact be a valuable asset that can help you to achieve much more in your life. And by making an effort to develop this skill could prove to be a valuable asset that could give you great value in life. So could having developed will-power be of great value to you in your life? What do you think, thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”. This article is from the new book “The Art of Gratitude”.

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Gratitude, A Journey To Perfect Balance

Is having balance an important trait to have in your life? This is a question that could be worth asking yourself. The idea of balance could be one of the more important concepts that you come across. Indeed the idea of balance is seen in many aspects of life. Balance could be one of the most important things that could add the greatest value to your life. So let us look at the idea of perfect balance and gratitude, and if gratitude can lead to a life of perfect balance.

Life As A Journey
It has been said that life is a journey and not a destination, what does this mean and what is the benefits of understanding this concept. Many people seem to be always looking at life in terms of reaching a destination, but could it be more worthwhile taking your time and enjoying the journey? This could be looked on as the difference between taking a quick route and taking a scenic route. A quick route will get you to your destination quicker, however a scenic route could prove to be more enjoyable and satisfying. The point here is that the way that you look at life could have a very phenomenal impact on the value you gain from life.

The Importance of Real Balance
The need for balance in life should not be underestimated. If you look at the idea of a wheel on a car, you note that if a wheel has not been balanced you could find that the Tyre would tend to wear out quicker. However if the Tyre has been correctly balanced you could find that the Tyre has a much more extended life period. So applying a similar idea to life, you could see that balance could be found to be essential to having and living a live that brings greater joy and many other benefits.

Gratitude a Fuel for your Journey
One of the essential articles that you could find that you need in the journey of life you may find is developing the habit of showing real gratitude for the things that you have in life. Often it could be found that many important things are taken for granted. This could prove to be very dangerous, as things taken for granted could be lost forever if they are not properly looked after. This could prove very sad, because with a little thought, and gratitude you could begin to value the things that you currently take for granted. By encouraging the attitude of gratitude you could find that your life becomes much more rewarding. Because having a change outlook on life could be a transformational change in your life.

Journey to Gratitude
You may find that the journey to living a life of gratitude might prove to be one of the more rewarding things that you might discover in your life. Indeed, by mastering the ability to live a life of gratitude may be found to help you in many aspects of your life. Gratitude could be the key that allows you to find new joy in all the things currently in and around your life. You may in-fact find that things that you may have taken for granted might in-fact be new treasures and sources of pure joy.

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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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