The Power of Happy Thoughts

The Idea of happy thoughts

Could it be suggested that power can be found in focusing on happy thoughts? In life we could find that everyday you may encounter various challenges during the course of the week. There could be a number of things that cause you to have feelings of unhappiness, but could situations change depending on how you view them? For example four people could view the same event in four different ways, so the outlook that you have on a situation may in-fact allow the situation to change from a problem into an opportunity. The idea of living in a freezing cold home might be seen as a challenging situation, but on the other hand going on a holiday attempting to climb an icy mountain may be seen as an adventure. In both situations you will be in cold conditions, but they may be viewed in different ways. So this could lead to the idea:

Can the way you view a situation make it happy?

Could it be a fact that you have the power to Change your situation based on the outlook you have towards the situation. How easy or difficult is it to change your outlook on a situation that you face, it could be said that some things may be easier to change than other things. And some challenges may require more effort than other challenges. It has been said by some people we are the creatures of habit, if it is the case that we do things according to habit, then to change your situation may require changing your habit. To break an old habit might require a great deal of effort over a period of time, it could be suggested that it may take 30 days to change some habits.

The Determined Mind

You may find that changing an old habit may change for a few days, but then you could find that you have reverted back to the old habit. So how can you change this pattern. The answer is there is no easy solution, you have to be determined and you need to keep trying. Even when you fail a number of times, but a key is to learn from the failure and make a new plan and try again. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he was able to eventually make the light bulb, so determination is a quality that is important to develop. Just because you have failed a number of times, does not mean you are a failure, it just means you have another opportunity to attempt to succeed.

Working Towards Your happiness

So keep working towards your desire to find happiness. You may even find that happiness may be found deep inside of yourself. An interesting thought is that real happiness may not be in gaining external things, but may be in the act of learning from life. It has been said that you should enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination. So Could it be a useful idea to look at the things that make you happy and give you great joy? Maybe by deep concentrated thinking you might work out the key to what things make you feel the greatest happiness. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think

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The Wealth Within Your Mind

Your True wealth

For many people the search or pursuit of wealth would tend to be an external activity, but the greatest wealth that you have may possibly be found not in the external world but much nearer to home. The wealth that you actually desire may actually be found deep within the reserves of your own mind. Some of the greatest gifts could in-fact be within you all the time. Your powerful imagination could in-fact hold the true wealth that you have always been looking for. So how can you tap in to this great resource of unlimited wealth.

The Wealth That Is In Imagination

For a countless number of years the great wealth that is found in imagination has been used by the few who have learnt the skills of tapping into the source of creativity within the mind. Indeed imagination is something that we all have, but it also requires the strength to take action to turn your imagination into working reality. Taking the first action step could be as simple as writing down your desire or plan and a piece of paper. Writing down your dreams or desires is a very useful action step. This step gives your dreams or hopes life, and this can allow the reality of your dream to be transformed into living reality. Once the desires has been written down it can be broken down into goals and task to make your dream a reality.

The Power Of A Plan

By writing down a plan you are creating the living spirit of your desire or dream. A written plan can be passed over to people who can be able to build your dream into a living reality, or you yourself can build your dream from your plan. Breaking your plan into task that can be executed can further take you nearer to your goals. By having clear written goals can have a powerful impact, your goals should be clear and specific. You should be able to measure when they have been achieved. For example your goal may be to lose 2 stones in weight by the end of the year. This can be further broken down into monthly goals which can allow you to see how much you need to lose at the end of each month. It is important to make sure you set achievable goals and targets. This can give you more power as you celebrate achieving each monthly goal.

The Power of Determination

Sometimes your plan may not work out as you would desire, but it is important to carefully evaluate the things that went wrong and modify or create new plans. The important thing is to be determined to succeed, just because the plan does not work the first few times does not mean you should refrain from continuing. But continue to learn from each failure and use each failure as a valuable lesson. Each lesson can draw you nearer to achieving your goal. Things that are worth having may take time and effort, but keep focused on the reason why you want to achieve the desire. This can help you when you do not feel like continuing.


Some of the greatest sources of wealth may in-fact be found much nearer than you think. Your true source of wealth could be the capacity to put into action the imagination that you have. Also by writing down your clear goals and taking planned action could allow you to achieve your goal. But always use failed attempts as tools to allow you to learn important lessons.

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A Case For Positive Doing

There has been much talk about the “Law of attraction”, and the idea of “Positive Thinking”. This is due to the idea that you attract to you the things that you are thinking about often. A lot of this is around the idea that you can consciously change your circumstances by the way that you think. These ideas could hold some weight, but may need additional principles in-order to get them results. There are many people who have found that these principles have yielded little or no fruits. So what should people be doing to add fuel to ignite these ideas? Could this be a sound case for another concept, i.e. the Case of positive doing?

The case1

The idea of thoughts and actions, leading to results

It is indeed important to think about the things that you desire to achieve in life, but without consistent action, you will be thinking for many years to come without gaining useful results. The idea of positive thinking has been brought in to the public domain due to movies like “The Secret”. This movie attracted a lot of public attention, as it deals with how people could gain more in life by utilizing the “Law of attraction”. But in many cases this has given birth to frustration and let down as the wonderful results spoken about in the movie have not been received by many people who were impressed by the movie.

The case1

The Case for Positive Action

It would seem that there must be more to changing your circumstances in life than by just thinking often about the life you desire to live. Indeed George Plummer in one of his books suggested that concentration and also meditation where tools that could assist you in changing your situations in life. But we can not get away from the idea that in-order to achieve greater and better results in life you will be required to invest a great deal of “doing”. By doing and taking action are the ingredients that will allow you to see real dividends and positive results in your life.

The case1


In life most things are achieved by following certain processes, and the best results are achieved by following the best and most effective processes. So an important point would be that the key way for you to achieve more in life will involve you thinking, and taking action. The need to do things will be the fuel that could allow you to get better results in life.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think.
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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Wonder”

The case

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Gratitude and Abundance What Is the Link?

Is there a link between gratitude and abundance, If you consider that the way that you think can influence the results that you get in life it could be well worth investigating the possible link between gratitude and abundance. So if there is a link how can gratitude affect your abundance?

The Law of Attraction link

It has been suggested by people who comment about the law of attraction that gratitude is one of the key things that allows the law of attraction to function effectively in your life. So what is this law and how can you benefit from knowing about it? This law states that the things that you think about with strong feelings you will attract to you. Also there is a strong emphasis on the importance on having feelings of gratitude. The whole idea is when you think about things that you want with an associated feeling then it is suggested that you will attract it to you.

For example if you feel that you will have a good day and you continue to nurture that feeling then it is suggested that you will continue to have that happy feeling during the day. And it is suggested that having a strong feeling of gratitude for the things that you have will attract more good things into your life.

By the same token if you start your day feeling bad, it is suggested that you will continue to have the bad feeling right throughout your day. And you will continue to attract things that cause you to feel bad.

The act of saying thank you

Saying thank you could be thought of as extremely important and could be said to carry a great deal of weight. If you consider times when you have done a good deed for someone, you could find that just the two words “thank you” is more than enough to reward you. It is like a parent who has a grateful child, the parent would feel joy in doing more and more for a grateful thankful child. So we can see that showing gratitude can attract more and better things. Because when you show you are grateful you also show that you are not taking the good deed done to you for granted.

The Universal force

There is an idea that we are surrounded by a universal creative force that responds to our feelings of gratitude. If this is true then once we show genuine gratitude for the things that we have in our lives then you will be able to attract greater and more wonderful things into our life. Could this be true? And do you attract good things into your life by being grateful for the things that you currently have? What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think.

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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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