The Power of Gratitude – A Source of Inner Strength

The power that can be found in gratitude could be said to be a power that might be out of normal view, but it could prove to be a source of great abundance. The power in the thoughts of gratitude may in-fact be much greater than you even realise. So can gratitude be found to be a source of inner strength? And can it be used to charge up your mental batteries?

Tapping into the Power

Sources of mental power could be a useful power to be able to gain access to; being able to find mental strength when you are faced by many of life’s difficulties could be something that is extremely useful. For the fact is, life can be full of challenges and problems, and at times it could seem as though there is no real help in view. Indeed, life may at times seem to be an endless stream of difficulties, which appear to come one after another. But is there a source of strength laying undiscovered, which might be associated with the idea of gratitude? And if this source does exist, how can you go about tapping into this source of power? Could the act of generating an attitude of gratitude be a habit that could change the way that you think, and perhaps lead to great benefits? And how can you tap into this kind of power?

The Power of The Mind

The mind could be thought to be very powerful, and you could say that the powerful solutions that are needed may on occasions be only a thought away. Sometimes the solution that you need might come via a simple thought that pops into your thoughts. Indeed the idea may seem unworkable, and because of that you might be inclined to ignore the idea, but many times this could be how you could get your big break through. And perhaps you fail to give the idea a try, because you think that it could not possibly work. but sometimes life has a way of presenting the greatest gems in the most unexpected packages.

Can Gratitude be a Gem?

Gratitude could be thought to be a way of thinking, indeed many times by changing the way that you think about a situation, you could find that the new thought process brings you great rewards.Indeed it has been said that an idea that is used in one industry, when used in another unrelated industry, could lead to great break through’s and advances. So could developing an attitude of gratefulness and appreciation give rise to many new imagined new benefits? What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

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The Benefits of Mental Agility

What are the benefits of being mentally agile? And how can you achieve it? Indeed if you look at people who tend to be successful in life you could notice that they have a number of qualities. It was said by Napoleon Hill following a study of 500 millionaires over a twenty year period, that there are certain things that allows a person to become successful. He wrote around 16 things that bring success in his book “Law of Success”. It appears that success is linked to the way that you think, if you think in a certain way then you could find you become more successful. So does success have clues, and if you develop your mental agility could this mean that you could be more successful?

Achieving mental agility

The ability to think quickly and easily might not be something that is developed over night, but it may be said is something that takes time to develop. Indeed it could be said that any thing worth having will take time to develop, hence to develop mental agility may also take time. So what are the exercises that you can do to develop mental agility? And how long could it take to develop these abilities? If you look at the agility that people develop on a physical level, you could note that time and effort will need to be invested over a consistent period. The fact is regular correct exercise will need to be practiced in order to make steady progress. So the same could be true of mental agility, so an investment of your time effort and careful study may also be needed to achieve your end goal.

The Practice of Meditation

One of the techniques that has been found to develop the abilities of the mind could be meditation. Indeed meditation is a technique that has been used very far back in history and is still being used today. Indeed it has been said that many of the people who have been found to achieve very great success, have been people who have practiced the technique of meditation. So could there be a link between meditation and the agility found in the mind. It has also been said that the act of meditation allows the person to access greater levels of creativity, and intuition. So meditation could be a useful technique to achieve greater mental agility.

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The Need to Study – Can Study Aid Your Growth?

Study can at times become stressful, and if you have a number of other commitments may be extremely difficult to find the time to do it at the level that is required to achieve your objectives. But with most things in life, you could improve it by careful planning. Indeed if you look at things which may tend to succeed in life, you could find that a good plan of action is being followed. At times you may find it hard to motivate yourself, but if you have a big reason this could give you the drive to continue when you might feel low. For example if your driving desire is to improve your mental growth, then you could remind yourself of this at the times you need self-encouragement.

Can mental Growth come via study?

If you consider that while you study you will need discipline in-order to do the work required to progress on the course, you could find that your self-discipline can improve while you are pursuing your course of study. So you will be gaining the valuable quality of self-discipline. The fact is you could find that you are developing many valuable skills and qualities while you work through your course. The fact is you could find you gain many benefits than just gaining a new body of knowledge. These skills and disciplines that you acquire could in-fact help you in many areas of your life. So you could find that by really making a very good effort, you could develop things that will give you great benefit.

Growth or decline

It could be an interesting idea that if a person is not growing mentally then they may be declining. If you consider that your body needs regular exercise for you to remain healthy and fit then you can see the need for doing things in a consistent regular way. But if a person stops regular exercise then their body would begin to become less healthy. So based on that idea you could say the same thing applies with the mind and study. For example if you are doing regular study your mind would be growing; you could say that you are becoming mentally healthy or fit. but if you were to stop studying, then you could find that your mind is not getting the challenges that lead to your mind developing. So this could be a good argument for the need of regular study, to ensure that your mind is remaining healthy. Indeed this gives rise to an interesting thought.

Growth by facing challenges

There are many times you could find challenging and difficult situations in your life, but these situations may in-fact be helping you to grow. If you think back to times when you went through mentally challenging times you may find that you have grown mentally due to the fact that you had to raise your skill level in-order to master the problem.

Indeed it could be said that by overcoming problems, you could be growing in mental strength. So these challenging times might actually be working for your benefit. So these could actually be a part of your continual learning. And this may be adding to your on-going mental growth.

What do you think? – Thoughts to make you think.

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Are There Principles Which Govern the Universe?

Knowing The laws

Life can seem to be a series of haphazard events, but is this true? Is it possible that the Universe operates due to precise laws and principles. Indeed if you look at life you could say that many things are happening by chance, but if you consider that there are laws in operation that is creating order within areas of life. So if our existence is being directed by law or principles would it be useful to have an understanding of those laws and principles? Also by knowing the Laws an principles that guide the universe, could this allow you to life a much better life?

Knowledge from the beginning of time

There are accounts of how knowledge has and can be gained. If you look at the idea of electricity you would find that it has always been in existence, however it has only been in recent history that it was discovered and used. But the fact is that electricity has always been in existence. So from this example we can also see that there are many things that have been discovered which have always been in existence. This could lead to the idea that Knowledge and Principles of the Universe may have well been in existence since the beginning of time.

The Power of Knowing

As a child a large amount of time is spent learning and accumulating knowledge and skills. Indeed it could be said that the learning of skills and knowledge is a life long pursuit. The accumulation of knowledge, could be said to be a double-edged sword, as knowledge can be used for bad and good. so this could point to the idea of responsibility and knowledge, indeed developing good ethics might be said to be a useful prerequisite to gaining knowledge that could be extremely bad or good depending on how it is used.

Knowledge and its Correct Use

The idea of good ethics as a prerequisite to obtaining certain types of knowledge is an idea that should not be overlooked. Indeed if you look at the process of climbing a set of stairs you will observe that the lower steps need to be climbed as a prerequisite to getting to the higher steps. Indeed just looking at the idea of order in the universe may also suggest the importance of conducting things in the proper order. But you may see that if a person was to receive knowledge in the wrong order may in-fact lead to problems. So what are the basics that need to be learnt first?

The Search for knowledge

It has been said search and you will find, is this a true statement. Think of a time when you have misplace one of your things, you may note that it sometimes has only been found after diligent searching. Indeed you may have also learnt some valuable lessons like how to avoid losing the item again. It has also been said that when the student is ready the master will appear, this could suggest that once you are ready to receive certain types of knowledge the means of learning that knowledge could become available. You could also say that all knowledge is available in the world all the time, and once your eye can read its language you will understand it.


If you look at the world of science you will see that there have been discovered many laws that govern the daily life. And if we go against these laws and principles we could find many problems in life. On the other hand if you work in-line with these laws and principles you could receive many benefits from life. What do you think – Thoughts to make you think.

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Tips for Using Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Goals

Creating a Better World

The goals that you have in life can be achieved if you clearly know the things that you want to achieve. For some people the idea of creating a better world is the goal that they desire, so how can you achieve a much better life and allow your goals to be born. The power to create your own heaven may seem a dream, but this can become a reality. By understanding how to use your subconscious mind you will be able to create the life that can give you the great joy that you desire.

The Power of the Focused Mind

The power of the focused mind is something that should not be taken lightly, indeed this power is able to see clearly the things you desire in your life. So how can you receive the power of the focused mind in your life, and how can your subconscious be used to attain this goal? Indeed it has been said that the subconscious mind does not make conscious decisions, but only acts on information that has been passed to you by your conscious mind. So what is the way that you can get your subconscious mind to allow you to achieve these dreams that you desire to achieve?

The Moving of Positive Thoughts

The ability to move positive thoughts to your subconscious mind, could it be something that is learnt and mastered? And by having the right frame of mind would you be able to control your subconscious mind. It has been said that hypnotist are able to gain control of another persons subconscious mind. Indeed during stage performances people have been known to run around a stage and bark like a dog. If this is true and another person can take control of your subconscious by hypnotism, by using their conscious mind, then the fact is you should be able to control your own subconscious using your conscious mind. One of the techniques that is said to allow you to focus your mind is meditation. So what can meditation do? and how can it allow you to focus your mind?

The Power of Effective Meditation

The use of meditation is something that is not new in-fact it is something that has been adding value to people’s lives for hundreds of years. Meditation has been spoken about by many people, and the benefits in relation to health has been recorded. Meditation can also be considered as a means of reducing stress, but the fact is it is one of the ways that can allow you to gain control of your subconscious mind. So by using the act of meditation could be away to allow you to achieve your goals, by connecting with the power of your subconscious mind.


By controlling your subconscious mind using the technique of meditation you may find that you are able to achieve your goals more effectively. So perhaps meditation could be a useful tool for you to achieve your goals, what do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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