The Need to Study – Can Study Aid Your Growth?

Study can at times become stressful, and if you have a number of other commitments may be extremely difficult to find the time to do it at the level that is required to achieve your objectives. But with most things in life, you could improve it by careful planning. Indeed if you look at things which may tend to succeed in life, you could find that a good plan of action is being followed. At times you may find it hard to motivate yourself, but if you have a big reason this could give you the drive to continue when you might feel low. For example if your driving desire is to improve your mental growth, then you could remind yourself of this at the times you need self-encouragement.

Can mental Growth come via study?

If you consider that while you study you will need discipline in-order to do the work required to progress on the course, you could find that your self-discipline can improve while you are pursuing your course of study. So you will be gaining the valuable quality of self-discipline. The fact is you could find that you are developing many valuable skills and qualities while you work through your course. The fact is you could find you gain many benefits than just gaining a new body of knowledge. These skills and disciplines that you acquire could in-fact help you in many areas of your life. So you could find that by really making a very good effort, you could develop things that will give you great benefit.

Growth or decline

It could be an interesting idea that if a person is not growing mentally then they may be declining. If you consider that your body needs regular exercise for you to remain healthy and fit then you can see the need for doing things in a consistent regular way. But if a person stops regular exercise then their body would begin to become less healthy. So based on that idea you could say the same thing applies with the mind and study. For example if you are doing regular study your mind would be growing; you could say that you are becoming mentally healthy or fit. but if you were to stop studying, then you could find that your mind is not getting the challenges that lead to your mind developing. So this could be a good argument for the need of regular study, to ensure that your mind is remaining healthy. Indeed this gives rise to an interesting thought.

Growth by facing challenges

There are many times you could find challenging and difficult situations in your life, but these situations may in-fact be helping you to grow. If you think back to times when you went through mentally challenging times you may find that you have grown mentally due to the fact that you had to raise your skill level in-order to master the problem.

Indeed it could be said that by overcoming problems, you could be growing in mental strength. So these challenging times might actually be working for your benefit. So these could actually be a part of your continual learning. And this may be adding to your on-going mental growth.

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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You Wonder”.

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The Wealth Within Your Mind

Your True wealth

For many people the search or pursuit of wealth would tend to be an external activity, but the greatest wealth that you have may possibly be found not in the external world but much nearer to home. The wealth that you actually desire may actually be found deep within the reserves of your own mind. Some of the greatest gifts could in-fact be within you all the time. Your powerful imagination could in-fact hold the true wealth that you have always been looking for. So how can you tap in to this great resource of unlimited wealth.

The Wealth That Is In Imagination

For a countless number of years the great wealth that is found in imagination has been used by the few who have learnt the skills of tapping into the source of creativity within the mind. Indeed imagination is something that we all have, but it also requires the strength to take action to turn your imagination into working reality. Taking the first action step could be as simple as writing down your desire or plan and a piece of paper. Writing down your dreams or desires is a very useful action step. This step gives your dreams or hopes life, and this can allow the reality of your dream to be transformed into living reality. Once the desires has been written down it can be broken down into goals and task to make your dream a reality.

The Power Of A Plan

By writing down a plan you are creating the living spirit of your desire or dream. A written plan can be passed over to people who can be able to build your dream into a living reality, or you yourself can build your dream from your plan. Breaking your plan into task that can be executed can further take you nearer to your goals. By having clear written goals can have a powerful impact, your goals should be clear and specific. You should be able to measure when they have been achieved. For example your goal may be to lose 2 stones in weight by the end of the year. This can be further broken down into monthly goals which can allow you to see how much you need to lose at the end of each month. It is important to make sure you set achievable goals and targets. This can give you more power as you celebrate achieving each monthly goal.

The Power of Determination

Sometimes your plan may not work out as you would desire, but it is important to carefully evaluate the things that went wrong and modify or create new plans. The important thing is to be determined to succeed, just because the plan does not work the first few times does not mean you should refrain from continuing. But continue to learn from each failure and use each failure as a valuable lesson. Each lesson can draw you nearer to achieving your goal. Things that are worth having may take time and effort, but keep focused on the reason why you want to achieve the desire. This can help you when you do not feel like continuing.


Some of the greatest sources of wealth may in-fact be found much nearer than you think. Your true source of wealth could be the capacity to put into action the imagination that you have. Also by writing down your clear goals and taking planned action could allow you to achieve your goal. But always use failed attempts as tools to allow you to learn important lessons.

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MGA Brown is the Author of “Thoughts To Make You Think” and “Thoughts to Make You importantWonder”.

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