The Benefits of Mental Agility

What are the benefits of being mentally agile? And how can you achieve it? Indeed if you look at people who tend to be successful in life you could notice that they have a number of qualities. It was said by Napoleon Hill following a study of 500 millionaires over a twenty year period, that there are certain things that allows a person to become successful. He wrote around 16 things that bring success in his book “Law of Success”. It appears that success is linked to the way that you think, if you think in a certain way then you could find you become more successful. So does success have clues, and if you develop your mental agility could this mean that you could be more successful?

Achieving mental agility

The ability to think quickly and easily might not be something that is developed over night, but it may be said is something that takes time to develop. Indeed it could be said that any thing worth having will take time to develop, hence to develop mental agility may also take time. So what are the exercises that you can do to develop mental agility? And how long could it take to develop these abilities? If you look at the agility that people develop on a physical level, you could note that time and effort will need to be invested over a consistent period. The fact is regular correct exercise will need to be practiced in order to make steady progress. So the same could be true of mental agility, so an investment of your time effort and careful study may also be needed to achieve your end goal.

The Practice of Meditation

One of the techniques that has been found to develop the abilities of the mind could be meditation. Indeed meditation is a technique that has been used very far back in history and is still being used today. Indeed it has been said that many of the people who have been found to achieve very great success, have been people who have practiced the technique of meditation. So could there be a link between meditation and the agility found in the mind. It has also been said that the act of meditation allows the person to access greater levels of creativity, and intuition. So meditation could be a useful technique to achieve greater mental agility.

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The Daddy of Personal Development

Napoleon Hill could be said to be the father of personal development

From Law of Success

Some thirty years ago a young clergyman by the
name of Gunsaulus announced in the newspapers of
Chicago that he would preach a sermon the
following Sunday morning entitled:
The announcement caught the eye of Philip D.
Armour, the wealthy packing-house king, who
decided to hear the sermon.
In his sermon Dr. Gunsaulus pictured a great
school of technology where young men and young
women could be taught how to succeed in life by
developing the ability to THINK in practical rather
than in theoretical terms; where they would be
taught to “learn by doing.” “If I had a million
dollars,” said the young preacher, “I would start
such a school.”
After the sermon was over Mr. Armour walked
down the aisle to the pulpit, introduced himself, and
said, “Young man, I believe you could do all you
said you could, and if you will come down to my
office tomorrow morning I will give you the million
dollars you need.”
There is always plenty of capital for those who
can create practical plans for using it.
That was the beginning of the Armour Institute of
Technology, one of the very practical schools of the
country. The school was born in the “imagination”
of a young man who never would have been heard of
outside of the community in which he preached had
it not been for the “imagination,” plus the capital, of
Philip D. Armour.

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Law of Success – by Napoleon Hill

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The Worst Thing About Bad Thoughts

Chemicals Produced in Your Body By Bad Thoughts?

There are a number of problems that can affect the body due to the act of thinking bad thoughts. It has been said that the way that you think can affect the results that you get out of life, so it could be very important for your wealth, health and well-being to think good thoughts on a regular basis. Indeed the way you think affects the chemicals that are produced in your body, and this can lead to bad or good health. So what are some of the things that should be avoided? And what are some of the problems that can occur due to bad thoughts?

The Thoughts of Stress

It could be said we become what we think about on a continual basis, and it is said that there is a Universal law called the Law of attraction which explains aspects of this. The idea is that everything that is coming into our life we may in-fact be attracting by virtue of the thoughts that we are thinking on a continual basis and the feelings that are associated with those thoughts. If you consider how you feel when you have a negative thought, e.g. fear, guilt, stress, worry, indeed these thoughts could be affecting your body and your health. But it could be a fact that you could change how you feel by changing your thoughts. A question that is often asked in interviews “Can you work under stress, I tend to answer this by saying, I would tend to say if you want to work under stress then choose a stressful job. But for me I have chosen to life a stress free life, and I do not need jobs that involve stress. The fact is we all have the power of choice and we can choose the things that are in our life.

Cause and Effect

There is a universal law called “cause and effect,” the things that come into our lives are due to the choices and decisions that we make. So having bad thoughts on a regular basis could affect your health in the long run. For example some damage does not happen instantaneously but may be due to small things on a long-term basis. So it may be a good idea to develop the habit of thinking positive thoughts. As it has been said that it takes about 30 days to develop a new habit, so you could develop a new habit of thinking the positive things that you want in your life.

The Idea Of Thinking On Good Things

It was said by Napoleon Hill the writer of “Law of Success” and Think and Grow Rich” that it is important to have a hearty laugh every day, indeed there was a woman who recovered from cancer just by watching funny films and she did not use any other kind of treatment. Indeed it could be said that the mind is very powerful and we could be creating our lives by the thoughts that we think. So may be it could be a good idea to avoid thinking negative thoughts and ensure that you think positive and happy thoughts, and try to avoid taking decisions that could lead to stressful and negative thoughts? What do you think? – Thoughts To Make You Think

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