The Benefits of Mental Agility

What are the benefits of being mentally agile? And how can you achieve it? Indeed if you look at people who tend to be successful in life you could notice that they have a number of qualities. It was said by Napoleon Hill following a study of 500 millionaires over a twenty year period, that there are certain things that allows a person to become successful. He wrote around 16 things that bring success in his book “Law of Success”. It appears that success is linked to the way that you think, if you think in a certain way then you could find you become more successful. So does success have clues, and if you develop your mental agility could this mean that you could be more successful?

Achieving mental agility

The ability to think quickly and easily might not be something that is developed over night, but it may be said is something that takes time to develop. Indeed it could be said that any thing worth having will take time to develop, hence to develop mental agility may also take time. So what are the exercises that you can do to develop mental agility? And how long could it take to develop these abilities? If you look at the agility that people develop on a physical level, you could note that time and effort will need to be invested over a consistent period. The fact is regular correct exercise will need to be practiced in order to make steady progress. So the same could be true of mental agility, so an investment of your time effort and careful study may also be needed to achieve your end goal.

The Practice of Meditation

One of the techniques that has been found to develop the abilities of the mind could be meditation. Indeed meditation is a technique that has been used very far back in history and is still being used today. Indeed it has been said that many of the people who have been found to achieve very great success, have been people who have practiced the technique of meditation. So could there be a link between meditation and the agility found in the mind. It has also been said that the act of meditation allows the person to access greater levels of creativity, and intuition. So meditation could be a useful technique to achieve greater mental agility.

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Tips for Using Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Goals

Creating a Better World

The goals that you have in life can be achieved if you clearly know the things that you want to achieve. For some people the idea of creating a better world is the goal that they desire, so how can you achieve a much better life and allow your goals to be born. The power to create your own heaven may seem a dream, but this can become a reality. By understanding how to use your subconscious mind you will be able to create the life that can give you the great joy that you desire.

The Power of the Focused Mind

The power of the focused mind is something that should not be taken lightly, indeed this power is able to see clearly the things you desire in your life. So how can you receive the power of the focused mind in your life, and how can your subconscious be used to attain this goal? Indeed it has been said that the subconscious mind does not make conscious decisions, but only acts on information that has been passed to you by your conscious mind. So what is the way that you can get your subconscious mind to allow you to achieve these dreams that you desire to achieve?

The Moving of Positive Thoughts

The ability to move positive thoughts to your subconscious mind, could it be something that is learnt and mastered? And by having the right frame of mind would you be able to control your subconscious mind. It has been said that hypnotist are able to gain control of another persons subconscious mind. Indeed during stage performances people have been known to run around a stage and bark like a dog. If this is true and another person can take control of your subconscious by hypnotism, by using their conscious mind, then the fact is you should be able to control your own subconscious using your conscious mind. One of the techniques that is said to allow you to focus your mind is meditation. So what can meditation do? and how can it allow you to focus your mind?

The Power of Effective Meditation

The use of meditation is something that is not new in-fact it is something that has been adding value to people’s lives for hundreds of years. Meditation has been spoken about by many people, and the benefits in relation to health has been recorded. Meditation can also be considered as a means of reducing stress, but the fact is it is one of the ways that can allow you to gain control of your subconscious mind. So by using the act of meditation could be away to allow you to achieve your goals, by connecting with the power of your subconscious mind.


By controlling your subconscious mind using the technique of meditation you may find that you are able to achieve your goals more effectively. So perhaps meditation could be a useful tool for you to achieve your goals, what do you think – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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Life – a Time to Learn Lessons – Part 1


Imagine you had the ability to choose your life before you were born, this could be like going to a shop and choosing the things you wanted to experience. You could choose your race, your colour, the family that you were to grow up in. You could even choose  if you were going to be poor or rich. Then you go to the check out and pay for those experiences. The next part of the procedure could be to allow you to completely forget who you really are. As a part of this preparation your memory is completely wiped and you are made into a small embryo.

Then the big day happens, you begin living in your new home, the body of your mother. You see and hear sounds around you which you do not understand, however you are happy in your new environment. But one day it feels as if your comfortable environment is coming to an end, you feel as through you are being forced out of this safe environment, of your mothers body. Then in an instant you are surrounded by these large creatures in gowns and one of them slaps you and you feel pain and begin to cry. Welcome to the planet earth.  The roller coaster of life has began, the fair ride of life has started and you are now entering the world of “Cause and Effect”, unknown to you every thing that you do will have an effect on the things that happen in your life. (The Rest is Your Story)

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Right Living – The Choice is Yours

The Power of a Choice 

It could be said you have the power of choice. Indeed there are a great number of things that you have the power of choice over. There are also a number of things that you do not have the power to choose. Many of the problems that face you on a daily basis could in fact be things that you did not choose, however you may well have the ability to choose how you respond to those problems. The way how you respond could lead to positive effects or negative effects. But the fact is you are the person who will decide.

The Importance  of Principles

If you look at the universe, at nature, at the things around you, you will notice that there are definite laws and principles in action. the fact is everything in the universe, is governed by definite laws and principles. You will notice that night follows day, and day follows night. If you look at the seasons, winter is followed by spring, and spring by summer and summer by autumn, and autumn by winter. There are definite principles, and the people who work in line with these principles, tend to achieve much more, for example. A person would not sow seeds in the winter time, but they would sow seeds in the correct time. And a person would not expect to reap harvest in the winter time. There is a definite time for sowing and there is a definite time for reaping. And if you consider your own life, there are definite times and principles within your life. If you do things at the right time, you will get better results.  If you do things out of alignment you will get poor results.

So it is acting in line with principles and laws, and it could be said that people who tend to be prospering and doing well may be simply working in line with the principles. They are doing things at the right time in the right way, according to principles. There was an interesting research done by Napoleon Hill, he studied 500 self-made millionaires over a period of 20 years. And there was a very important observation which he made. He observed that people who tended to become successful, they all did certain things whether knowingly or unknowingly. He noted things like having a definite clear desire was one of the keys, to finding success. He found other things like people who tended to be successful, they were able to make quick decisions. And when they made those decisions they tended to stick to those decisions. He found that people who tended to not be successful, they found it difficult to make decisions, and they changed their minds quite rapidly.

So there are definite principles to finding success,  for getting more out of life. So one of the things I would want to suggest is that, learn the principles, that is important. Then once you have learned the principles then work with the principles. Work in line with those principles. And as you learn and work in line, you will begin to find, that you are able to live a more better and more enjoyable life. And you will get much more out of life. ,

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Determining Personal Success – How to Determine Your Success

Path to Personal Success

Becoming successful can involve a number of factors, so how can you ensure you correctly map your path to personal success? And what are the things that you need to do in order to become successful? Becoming a success could be the dream of most people, and there has been many that have written about the subject. So what are some of the key attributes and habits that can assist in determining your success? One of the things that could help you to find success is the adopting of new habits.

The Power of Developing Good Habits

There are a number of habits that could cause a person to fail from finding success in life, but by determining and creating new habits could greatly assist in finding success. The idea that we are the creatures of habit is something that has been suggested by many, and people tend to do things based on habit. Indeed it could be said that success is a habit, and that people who are successful habitually do things in a certain way. One key thought would be to study successful people and work out the habits that they practice on a regular basis. You can also read books about them to get clues on the things that they do which allows them to find success in their life. So if changing your habits can allow you to find success, then it would be useful to develop habits that can lead to success, also how can you go about changing your habits?

Changing Old Habits

The need to change habits can arise for a variety of reasons, and habits may be deeply en-grained in the way that you do things. So in-order to successfully achieve the task of changing your old habits could take two important qualities and task. One of the ways that it has been said to change an old habit is by replacing it with a new habit. The idea is that you need to practice the new habit for a period of about a month. The reason behind it can be seen in this example; imagine you needed to create a new path in a field, you would need to walk along the new path frequently until the new path is formed. In the same way by constantly practicing your new habit everyday for the next month, can help you to form the new habit. Also it should be noted that you may require determination as some old habits may take great effort to shift.

The Habit Of Reading

One of the habits that could increase your chances of being successful is by reading books related to the subject. It could also be useful to develop the habit of learning new skills and abilities. Long Life Learning has been said to be one of the things that allows a person to find consistent success in life. The fact is that success could be considered a journey and not a destination. So this could point to the idea that you might find success as you go along your life’s journey.

Creating A Picture

It could be of great value to impress a picture of the things that you consider to be success on your mind. It has been said that people who become successful normally form a picture of what they want to achieve in their mind. There are a number of methods which can be used to achieve this, these range from subliminal messages, affirmations, to help create the picture of what you desire to achieve.


So could developing new habits be the way that you will find the success that you are looking for in your life. And do you have a clear picture of the things that you want to create in your life.

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Training Your Subconscious Mind – How to Be More Positive

A More Positive Life

The idea of training your subconscious mind could be one of the greatest abilities that you can master in life. Indeed it could be found to be a pursuit that could bring you rewards for many years to come. The fact is that by dealing with the correct mastery of the subconscious mind could be thought of as a good foundation in achieving more in life. The need to have a positive outlook in life is something that should be a high priority. Indeed it has been found that the recovery from many illnesses could be due to the reduction in stress, and stress might be tackled by the ability to think in more positive ways. So the road to having a more positive life could be indeed the road to mastering the subconscious. And once you have a powerful control of your subconscious faculty you may be on the road to having a more positive outlook in life. So what is the required knowledge in getting the subconscious to allow you to be more positive?

A Brief Understanding of The Subconscious Mind

The mind can be thought of as operating in two main areas, which is the Conscious and the Subconscious mind, this is also known as the Objective and the Subjective mind. These two aspects of the mind control the correct operation of a person. And by the functions that they perform will allow you to control the things that happen in your life. The objective mind deals mainly with the objective thinking capacity of the mind, and the subjective mind deals mainly with the background task. The subjective can be thought of as the engine that allows your organs to operate correctly. Indeed it has been said that the subjective mind connects to what is known as the universal mind, which is said to have unlimited power. But the fact is that by using your subconscious mind effectively can allow you to become more positive. The power of creating the new habits that you desire could be a very powerful concept.

The Creation of Positive Habits

It may be thought that we are the creatures of habit, and the things that we do are by virtue of learnt habits. So to become more positive could be the ability of learning the new positive habit that is desired. It has been said that it takes around 30 days to create a new habit, and this could be done by training the subconscious mind to learn the new habit that we require. Persistence could also be one of the keys required as it would be necessary to practice you new habit for at least 30 days until if becomes established as your new positive behaviour. Another useful aid could be an accountability partner who could assist you in keeping to the new goals that you have set for yourself.


The power that is found in the subconscious mind may be the power that will allow you to have the positive mindset that you require. It is important to have a made up mind and to be determined that you will achieve your new positive desires. Remember it takes just about a month to learn new habits, so invest 30 days to make the new changes that can benefit you for the rest of your life – Thoughts To Make You Think.

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Is This the Time To Get Violent With Negative Thoughts?

Negative thoughts could be considered one of the most destructive influences on a person. They could be considered one of the reasons that might cause a person to fail from achieving success in many areas of life. But how can you turn something that is negative into a positive experience? Also is it a good idea to get violent with negative thoughts?

The Power Of Learning From Failure

It was found in a twenty year research of people who had become wealthy after starting out with nothing, that one of the key attributes to their success was the ability to learn lessons from failure. Indeed a great many people would treat failure as a negative condition, but these people had transmuted or changed it into success. One of the common problems that seem to face everyone could be said to be failure. This is something that could be said to affect everyone in life. But a key issue is how you deal with failure.

Thomas Edison; A Lesson From Failure

It has been said that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times when he was trying to make the first electric light bulb. Many people would give up after the first 100 to 1000 attempts, but the power of determination drove Edison to continue until he succeeded. It appeared that he had gained something positive from the negative experience. He may not have become violent with the negative thoughts, but he persevered until he succeeded. That determination to succeed had transformed the lives of every generation that has followed.

Violence and Negative Thoughts

A key lesson may be that in life if you want to find success, you may have to be determined and keep trying, even when you want to give up. The resilience to negative events may be something that Mr Edison had mastered. So this lesson may be something that could allow you to overcome negative thoughts. Becoming violent with negative thoughts may seem extreme, but a better phrase might be, it is time to get determined to overcome negative thoughts. Fixed, focused, determination may be the only way in many cases to overcome the negative thoughts that come in your mind, but sometimes this determination could be the only way to overcome. The made up mind, could be your greatest tool to succeed in overcoming the negative thoughts, but is their another tool that you can also use?

Changing the Environment

If you are in an environment where people are continually speaking in terms of negativity, the best thing you can do is to get a change of environment or make changes to the environment. We are influenced consciously and/or subconsciously by the things in our environment. The things that you hear and see can have a serious impact on your life, hence it is important that you avoid situations and environments where negativity exist.


The negative thought can be one of the toughest thought to shift, but anything in life worth having can take determination and a made up mind. Also it is important to evaluate the environment that you are in as this will have an impact on the thoughts that can in your mind.

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